If you are reading this then you are most likely the Managing or Sales Director of a successful B2B company, turning over between £2 and £40 million.

With a business that:

  • has grown organically or through smart acquisitions over the recent years,
  • is enjoying some good returns with a reasonably healthy bottom line,
  • you feel proud of being responsible for its success so far.

But you also recognise it has the potential to be better.

And, that now is the right time to ‘up the ante’ and take it to the next level.

Except …

… you’re not sure what the best way forward is.

And you’re tired of these so-called ‘experts‘ enthusiastically waxing on about stretching company growth and converting all those wonderful opportunities out there … talking the usual corporate bull…

… stuff like “we get results by boosting efficiency and performance while reducing risk through industry best practice, compliance and business improvement…”

Because, if you think about it … what do these kinds of generic phrases actually mean for you and your business?

When really, in plain English, all you want is for your sales team to exceed their targets... and for the bottom line to improve by 5, 10, 20 percent by a defined time.

So that you have the money to re-invest back into the business to continue growing it.

And of course, so that you get the rewards you deserve for the risk you take as a Director.

But instead, you probably feel hampered.

Because you’ve probably got a stack of big ol’ business plans getting dusty, sat in a drawer or corner of the room. Now wildly out of date because the world has moved on. Or frustratingly, because you’ve realised you don’t have the time, budget and resources to work through the ambitious list of mammoth tasks contained within.

You’re also sick to the back teeth of the inter-department bun-fighting. And the trouble caused by a couple of “difficult” characters in the business. The ones who stir up trouble, just blame everyone else for their short-comings and only give you information that’s biased to their viewpoint.

Meaning you feel like piggy-in-the-middle. Always firefighting critical situations and reacting to the latest “disaster”.

And because you’re so close to the business, it can sometimes be difficult to see everything clearly.

All of which means you could be missing out.

As there are likely to be some “low hanging fruit” opportunities …

Right under your nose.

That if taken advantage of, could help kickstart a great result in your business. Such as a sales uplift of say 20%, year on year.

Which is where we come in…

Because we specialise in finding the overlooked and hidden opportunities in successful businesses, just like yours. Then we give you and your team a way to fully exploit them.

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