So, it’s probably about time I introduced myself.

My name is Tony Armstrong and with my dedicated and crack team, we help businesses transform themselves from “doing alright” into “going stratospheric”!

We get such spectacular transformations by focusing on the heart of any business: Sales & Marketing.

Because without good sales and marketing, the lifeblood (your customers) will stop… causing your business to wither away and eventually die.

Though before you think “yes but other people do sales and marketing too”, let me share why we’re different.

Because the answer is twofold.

First, we practise M.E.D.

Minimum. Effective. Dose.

No big website refreshes or rebrands. No massive and wide sweeping social media campaigns. No generic advice. No off the shelf “me too” classroom sales training. No meaningless business plans. No finger in the air targets. No time wasting corporate waffle about best practice.

Instead, we help you identify and then take the quickest path towards getting the best result.

Now, every business is different. So what we do is unique in every situation.

However, it most typically focuses on helping you uncover the overlooked GOLDEN EGG opportunities that are already in your business – (missed because you’re too close)and then helping you hit your target market so hard, with such a specific message they’ve never heard before, that it makes it a cinch for your salesforce to stand out from the competition.

And second, we roll our sleeves up and get stuck right in …

By working with you and your team. Or as I call it “top floor to shop floor” to ensure you get the results you deserve.

Whether that’s

  • working with you and the board of directors on the future shape of the business and then implementing the best strategies to move your business forwards towards an ambitious sales uplift – and a more profitable company…
  • jumping in the car with your salespeople to meet your customers or spending time on the phone with internal sales (something very few consultants would dare to do), to gain a true understanding of your market – as well as see how your sales team can improve – so  that we can deliver a hands-on and truly tailored sales approach for your team,
  • giving you open and honest feedback to tell you how it really is … and what you need to do to get the results you desire (all from an external perspective),
  • benchmarking your performance against the thousands of salespeople we’ve worked with over the 20 years of working with companies across a wide range of sectors,
  • creating highly effective and targeted direct response marketing and telemarketing campaigns to get you into bigger businesses or …
  • being on hand, almost 24x7, at the end of the phone – so that you’ve always got a confidant to discuss ideas and talk through different options.

All of which is underpinned by the Exceed9 Methodology.

Plus, if you follow the system and, as a business, undertake the recommended actions, then we GUARANTEE results.

Which means that to ensure that our carefully chosen customers get such spectacular results, we have to strictly limit the number of businesses we actively work with to just four

Just so we can truly take the time to understand the business and give all the support that’s needed.

Whatever the situation.

Think of us a partner who speaks plainly and has skin in the game. Rather than a detached agency or business consultancy who advises from the sidelines and just gives out generic “corporate speak” or fluffy solutions.

Meaning that our clients gain the knowledge, skills and strategic route map they need to continue building their businesses at a 20% sales uplift, year on year… if not significantly more …

Then once we’ve helped get the process started and systems implemented … we’re no longer needed.

Therefore, you’re free to continue building your business at the same stratospheric rate … year after year after year.

So, as you can imagine, because of the way we work and the results we help our clients achieve, we are usually at full capacity.

However, as you’ve read up to this point, we’d love to hear from you, because there will be opportunities in the near future – when our current set of existing and happy clients go independent.

So, simply click the button below and enter your details.

One of my team will then get in contact to arrange a suitable time for us to have a “short chemistry phone call”, just to get to know each other and explore the opportunities for working together in the future. - 01202 570600
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