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LeaderSo, if you are reading this then you are most likely the Sales Director or Managing Director of a successful company:


  • A company which has grown organically or through smart acquisitions over the recent years.
  • A company which is enjoying some good returns with a reasonably healthy bottom line.  
  • A company you can be proud of!

But you also recognise that it has the potential to do better.

You know in your heart of hearts that it is the right time to ‘up the ante’ and progress on to the next stage and even greater results.

You keep hearing so-called ‘experts‘ enthusiastically waxing on about stretching company growth and converting all those wonderful opportunities out there, but what does that reality actually mean…and look like? Just how do you implement a strategy to achieve those objectives?

It’s all very well coming up with an ambitious five-year turnover target, but what will the results ‘mix’ (& resource) look like ‘in the flesh’ when you finally get there? What can be done day by day/month by month to achieve that?

So you know that firm has some good customers gained and enjoy a healthy and stable existence because of that historic growth, but you also know that there are many ‘golden nuggets’ in that customer base. If only you could go a bit ‘wider and deeper’ into some of those, then there’s a cast iron surety that your team will convert more sales – quickly and very easily too.

Now let’s be clear.  Your team is doing alright and you’ve a good cross-section of people. From the Old Lags who have been around the block many times, to the New Millennial’s who look at things very differently, but nevertheless are doing okay. But the words ‘Herding’ and ‘Cats’ would be the top of your list when asked about how you best manage your sales team! Team

You also know there are things that they should be doing differently.

Yes, their knowledge and skills are good, but equally, if you could grow the company in the way that you would want it to (and you know you can), there may well be some big skill gaps coming up over the horizon that you’ll need to tackle as the head of sales.  Also, if you are to get the whole team on board, one or two egos need to be managed so you are not sabotaged before you even get going!

And there are also things that your salespeople should be doing more of too.

You know: being more proactive with customers; up selling/cross selling; planning territories far more efficiently; closing more sales; being more effective hunters and farmers; negotiating value (and price!) far better than they do…

But how do you convince them to actually change their behaviour – and sustainably? What if you could get ‘smarter’ as a business and use a more effective way of maximising sales (and the sales pipeline)?  How would all the marketing activities – traditional, offline; online; social media; LinkedIn then fit in with all of this and help you gain even more of an edge in the marketplace?

But, sadly when ‘sales reality’ kicks in, you know that the business always has a tendency to gravitate back to hand to mouth!

You and your team are always under relentless pressure to make your targets.  Even though you know the wishlist above would get you to the where you want to be, it’s about getting a result today that seems to count for the most.

Madness though isn’t it? You’re expecting a different result, but your sales team keeps doing the same old things that they’ve always done.

No surprise then, that performance continues to be the same (which is great for the ‘bean counters’ and the ‘planners’). But the business isn’t growing in the exponential way that you know it could. Aversion of any ‘perceived risk’ (not that there is any) and ‘playing safe,’ seems to be order of the day! ‘Stuff the future,’ you hear…’it’s all about results, turnover and profit now that counts!’

Well … all that could be just about to change!

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