The Exceed9® 9-step Process for a Sustainable Increase in Your Sales


  • We analyse and evaluate your current position at every level. Your vision and strategic plans
  • Involving all senior managers/directors/staff/customers/prospects/stakeholders
  • We will fully understand your company, its products/services/systems and processes
  • All contained within the proven Exceed9® methodology/structure and approach
  • We produce a specific Proposal Document on a way forward for you, based on our research


  • In partnership with you, a ‘Client Board’, we agree a tailored set of support actions/activities
  • Visible for all internally, we agree some key performance measures, to judge the ROI
  • All we do is company specific to you and your individual business & sales environment
  • Our experience working with 000’s of sales teams, means you benefit from our knowledge
  • With some further refinement of course, we are both confident in what we propose, will work


  • The final programmes and shape of support are then agreed, signed off and commissioned
  • With regards to the earlier points on KPI’s, realistic timescales are now discussed/set/agreed
  • We decide upon and set out a clear charter, objective and direction for the whole initiative
  • All stakeholders sign up to lead the process with us, ensuring your people change behaviours
  • We agree a suitable ‘break-point’ after an initial phase, to review progress and adjust


  • We deliver a mix of strategic and tactical support activities, starting from the top
  • Delivery of facilitation/training/modular programmes across the business then begins
  • We build practical tools, that make a difference – all custom built around your business
  • We challenge and advance your team’s valuable commercial; planning; selling & other skills
  • In partnership with you, we effectively become your additional Non-Exec Board Resource


  • Our regular workshops and a modular programmes, separated by timed gaps, deliver results
  • A consistent improvement over time is achieved, with this step-by-step approach
  • Behavioural change becomes the new way of working and this is evidenced by us to you
  • Flexibility of delivery means that we can adapt and improve with experience/new information
  • We undertake formal review meetings with you, our programme sponsor. A two-way dialogue


  • Customers become true partners with us, in our efforts to get results. We are never 9-to-5
  • We do what it takes to get the job done, We care about success and are available at any time
  • This includes out of hours phone/e-mail questions/conference calls/webinars/ad hoc requests
  • We produce Group Work Reports – a valuable tool for stakeholders, to challenge their people!
  • 1:1 coaching activities in the field/on the job means we are your extra ASM/line manager!


  • We undertake formal six monthly reviews, both during and long after programme delivery
  • It’s an opportunity to really focus on your new strategic vision, direction, objectives and plans
  • We provide two-way feedback on individuals that we work with. We tell you exactly how it is!
  • We build your management team competencies to take on delivery/support/implementation
  • Our vision is to hand over to your senior directors and line managers an ’embedded process’


  • Facts and figures are reported and matched against agreed key performance indicators
  • Both anecdotal & real-world feedback from board/managers/teams is gathered and discussed
  • Feedback from customer’s experiences and other relevant stakeholders is also combined
  • Metrics, based on what we have learned to date are now projected for future improvement
  • The positive return on investment is calculated and discussed. We share & celebrate success!


  • As a result of this initiative, where are you now?..and where did/do you want/need to be?
  • What’s next? Higher levels? Cross Department? Cross functions? Next team? Support people?
  • Follow up – what needs to happen now for those who have already been through the process?
  • What are the logical next step/add-ons – e.g. negotiation skills/key account planning etc
  • Internal Online forum launched – to bring added value, through a shared & on-going resource

Want to see risk free instant results?

If you want to get better results from your sales team and want to see if the Exceed9® 9-step process can help, then let us prove it with a complimentary field or telephone coaching session for two of your staff or a confidential executive virtual board meeting.