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At BMD Global, we help dynamic and growing companies in the engineering, technology, construction, FMCG, packaging and leisure markets to dramatically improve their sales processes using the Exceed9® 9-step Process. We do this by working with you in three key areas:
  • Strategic Sales Consultancy: Working directly with Client Directors, Managers and Senior Teams we build Strategic and Tactical Sales Plans and Structures that are sensible to implement and grow into.
  • Classroom based Sales and Management training programmes: For groups of Sales and Support people – with a practical and company specific emphasis.
  • 1:1 Field Accompaniment and On the Job Coaching: Post event real world support where we actually go out with your staff to see them in the field and help them improve.

Ultimately, we achieve a significant and measurable improvement in performance, through a workplace change in behaviour – using an integrated, and company-specific approach.

How we do this

For us to be able to help you get the ‘real world’ results you desire, we need to understand what you actually want to achieve, your team’s strong points to build on and also the not so good areas to improve.

Benchmark: Everything starts with you and your business

We find all of this out by talking to you and your managers; by actually going out in the field with your sales staff and listening in on ‘live phone calls’ with the internal people. Once we understand as much as we can about your goals, your CRM systems; products; services; key issues and ‘bugbears’…. and we feel that the Chemistry is right between us, we then move to the second stage.

Market: The idea stage

Combined with our expertise and your ‘sales reality’, we propose how we can help you achieve your aims and objectives, as well as provide some extra dimensions with subtleties added that will drive your business forwards.

Develop: Finalising the programmes

Together, we then decide how best we can tackle the project. Very often, (following a launch to the business), we start with the board/senior managers first, to give them a really good understanding of what we will plan to do.  They will also immediately gain for themselves some valuable insight and receive some useful tools and skills to implement straight away in their area of the business.

Go: Moving forwards!

Then it’s ‘Go Go Go!’ as we start delivering facilitated sessions; modules; coaching and workshops – all tailored to your business and which, most importantly, speaks your language. And with all that research under our belts, as far as the audience is concerned, this is your company’s initiative, not ours.

Leverage: Practical and relevant ideas, tools and skills, rather than ‘fancy third-party theory’ is our bag!

Partnership_Global ManagementPretty much in every case, we have an immediate impact on results with your sales and sales management teams, who will be eager to get out there and use the techniques, tools and skills that we develop together collaboratively. These are highly interactive ‘hands on’ sessions – tailored where they need to be for your people and your company, while being more generic where they need to be too, to prove a process, for example.

Operations: True partnership and not just a 9-to-5 training company

We’re not about a ‘quick fix’ of consultancy, coaching or training. We are about helping you run your business at the same time as delivering bite-sized chunks of valuable sales input, which are experiential and developmental over time. And which generate a much-needed improvement in results. This approach also sustains the sales and sales management best practices that you need. To be most successful in any project, we always aim for ‘Partnership’ – both with you and your people; We become one of your trusted advisers – a position that we will always value; revere and never abuse.  Incidentally, this has to be a two-way street. You too will equally need to commit your support and to work hard in implementing many of the things that we agree together. Some of your people will feel quite uncomfortable for a time as we go through this journey. That’s quite normal of course! But it’s essential we present a united approach to drive that change process – with them on board at the same time!

Build: Feedback and reviews

Meanwhile, we need to be frank with you about what we see when we’re working with your people. Those whom we observe are the high flyers; those who are the plodders and finally, being honest about who we think is in the wrong place.

Arithmetic: Facts and figures

Thereafter in the project, we review progress and implementation at sensible intervals. We work with you to report on results we’ve achieved together. Not only the mathematical, but also the anecdotal and the motivational!

Learn: Reflect and take action

Finally, we stop, take stock and decide how best to move things on to the next level, given there will be some who will fly very high and perhaps others who may wither and die – or alternatively just simply need a bit of TLC and a ‘leg up!’.

Getting down to the detail

If you’re just looking for A.N Other development provider, then of course we can do that. But we are probably not for you, unless we are all totally sure that the delivery of that development programme absolutely aligns to EVERYTHING ELSE that matters in your business. Time and time again we see ‘piecemeal development programmes’ created by those who aren’t necessarily tasked with bringing in the bacon! Long term, the fact is, they don’t work! Instead, we take a much more structured approach which is driven by our Exceed9® 9-step Process, for getting a sustainable increase in your sales (which if you read the text above, you have just been introduced to). It’s a methodology that has been crafted through hands-on experience over two decades; further tested by a Global recession and which has received input from many companies, across lots of different sectors – from SME’s to mighty Corporates!…  To see the plan in more detail click here. So what really gets us excited is when we strap everything we do together, to your ‘Rocket Ship of Objectives’. And when you achieve them, we all celebrate! This more complete approach, is testimony to all of BMD Global’s long-standing clients. Many of whom we have been working with for more than 10 years. So, to take the next step and see how we can practically help you in your business, why not see if you qualify for the following:

Want to see risk free instant results?

If you want to get better results from your sales team and want to see if the Exceed9® 9-step process can help, then let us prove it with a complimentary field or telephone coaching session for two of your staff or a confidential executive virtual board meeting.