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Sales Strategic PlanningWe know you’re busy. Being a sales director is a full-on job to say the least.

You are running at a thousand miles an hour, while trying to juggle several balls in the air at same time and keeping all those plates spinning too.

Plus the MD is breathing down your neck, the Marketing department have dropped you in it again and the FD is not happy with the latest figures.  On top of that, trying to manage the sales team is like herding cats……

The cold reality of being a Sales Director is that you often ‘operate in a bubble’ – isolated from the outside world; wrapped up the cut and thrust of your own organisation and the immediacy of the challenges and opportunities that come your way.

There are issues and problems you would love to talk about, just to get them off your chest, but never would dream of doing so in front of your sales managers. nor the sales team; let alone your Board of Directors! – It’s a wonder you even sleep at night!

Equally, being Head of the Sales Team, people ‘feed you’ information that may have been ‘screened a little,’ shall we say(?) on its way up to you – through the various management layers.

The result is that you can then make strategic decisions based on that information, which most likely will be flawed!

So who can you talk to?

To help Sales Directors who need some confidential external perspective, we have founded the Exceed9 Virtual Strategy Board. Simply put, this is a 30-minute telephone conversation directly with Tony Armstrong – all in confidence and following a very structured process.

Virtual Board Conference CallThe 30 minutes are all about you and the single most important sales issue that you see yourself up against right now.

Tony will simply go through the process of facilitation with you and ‘tease out’ the answer which is usually somewhere in the back of your mind!

From this process, you will gain clarity and strategic vision, as well as securing some protected space and time for you to decide on the right course of action for you to take to overcome the challenge that you have focused on.

Sales directors who have confided in us over the years often talk about the value of offloading to others outside of their business. Perhaps sharing things they would never normally have done so otherwise – even if it’s just to get a ‘sanity check’ on what they are doing is right.

Most of us also know that throughout any sales career, it’s always good to take input from others; understand what they have been through and how they have overcome some of those issues – perhaps to grab a few pointers, which could then be used for our own advantage with us or our team.

After all, sales is very much about learning from others isn’t it?… At least that’s what we hear ourselves telling our own guys all the time?

So why do we let that stop when we become Director of Sales then?

An Exceed9® Virtual Strategy Board session is £995+VAT and can be booked directly by contacting us here.

In addition, every month we offer one Complimentary Strategy session to the Sales Director whom we feel would most benefit from some external perspective.  If you wish to apply, simply enter your details below.

You may ask why we give away our time.  It’s simply because we really want to drive change and sales best practice.  Consequently, we give time freely to one business per month, in order that others may also succeed.  Please note, we never hard sell further services to our participants.

Simply work your way through the form below. NDA’s assured.


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