Exceed9 Sales MethodologyThe Exceed9 Methodology comprises of 81 headline components (of which Selling is just one!), borne from the BMD Global Performance Management Model.

Under this Exceed9 brand, we have created a number of services – all designed to help sales directors; sales managers and salespeople exceed their sales targets.

Exceed9 is broken into three core themes:

  • Effective Planning – Effective Sales Planning (Elements 1-3)
  • Directed Effort – Managing Quantity, Quality and Direction (Elements 4-6)
  • Cohesive Teamwork – Building an Effective Sales Team (Elements 7-9)

The Effective Planning theme consists of the following three elements

  • Confront Reality
  • Set Smart Objectives
  • Align Strategy

The Directed Effort theme consists of

  • Define Quantity
  • Deliver Quality
  • Focus  Direction

The Cohesive Teamwork theme consists of

  • Build  Competence
  • Gain  Commitment
  • Demonstrate Great Leadership

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