Take the Exceed9 ASM Experience!

Complimentary Field Coaching Call

Give us two of your salespeople and we guarantee to show you how they can improve your sales team’s performance.

And it will cost you nothing!

In fact, if we cannot show you 3 solid ways to improve performance, we will give you £250 to use as how you see fit – whether that’s to nominate towards your favourite charity, take your team out for a knees-up or just splash out on yourself.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves……

One of the more powerful techniques we use to improve our clients’ salespeople is 1:1 field coaching. This is where we work directly alongside individual salespeople coaching them in ‘real world’ sales situations.

By acting as their Area Sales Manager (either in real client meetings or by listening in on their phone calls) we get to see exactly what they are doing well and what they could do better.

This benefits our clients in two ways.  The first is the individual sales person gets direct in-the-moment coaching on how well they are doing and how they could be doing even better.  The second is that we can feed back the ‘sales reality’ of how well the team is doing and what could be done to help them improve.

So, if you are a Sales Director and believe this would benefit you and your team, then you have the opportunity to take the BMD Global ASM Experience.

Simply put. We double up with one or two of your chosen salespeople (perhaps a high performer and maybe a mid-to-low range performer) and we assess them against The Exceed9 Accreditation Standards for Sales Excellence for a whole day each. This approach works both in the field and on the telephone if the sales staff are office based.

Not only do we provide very constructive critique and feedback for your salespeople individually (and a report). We also give you the ‘sales reality,’ as we see it from a sales management perspective (benchmarked against the thousands of salespeople we have worked with over the years). Also, so that you can pick up with their personal development afterwards of course. And maybe for us to talk further about how representative they are of the rest of your sales team.

Now, because of the value given, we can’t help everyone.  This is only open to Sales Directors of successful businesses based on the M4 corridor who have a team of at least ten sales people.

As a Sales Director, you need to be open to new ideas and want to benefit from some external perspective to help move your sales team forwards.

If you believe would benefit from this confidential process, simply complete the form below then and we will get in touch.

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