About Us

At its core, BMD Global is a specialist ‘in company’ Sales and Management Development business, which designs ‘game-changing’ support programmes for you and your company.

We do this from top floor, to shop floor and personalised to you and your culture. All of it is underpinned by decades of experience, working with thousands of sales directors like you, keen to ramp up their sales!

Delivered by BMD Global experts who, incidentally live and breathe the sales and sales management disciplines that they profess, to a standard laid down by The Exceed9® Accreditation, our key support services headline in these main areas:

  • Big Picture Vision – Working with Client Directors, Managers and Senior Teams, building Strategic and Tactical Sales Plans and Structures to grow into. Very often this takes place on a short-term contract or a longer term retained basis, so that real value can be added throughout the company.
  • Sales & Sales Management Excellence – We design highly interactive and modular Sales and Sales Management training programmes that relate to the real world and dovetail neatly into the client’s overarching goals.

We do this for groups of Sales Directors; Boards; Sales Managers and their Sales Teams..and Support Teams too (e.g. engineers or internal telephone based people), of every age and experience. Always with a practical, company specific emphasis. We make sure that people are ‘on the same page’ using a ‘common sales language,’ which can be applied to their level and then scaled.

  • Transition – We get excited when we breathe life into the theory and develop practical application with some powerful 1:1 Field Accompaniment or 1:1 On the Job Coaching, post event for each salesperson. This ensures that each individual gets high-intensity input, and makes a real difference in their own sales environment, dealing with their clients … and of course, better results!

In summary, BMD Global achieves a significant and measurable improvement in performance and sales results for its’ clients (very often immediately) with an integrated, company specific approach.

This delivers a sustainable behavioural change for the long-term for you, while ensuring you reach your Big Picture Vision… Or we do it for nothing until you do!

Most importantly for both of us, we become your trusted business partner who is passionate about reaching your goals with and for you and your teams!